3 weeks being vegan! *UPDATE*

I haven’t wrote in a while as I’ve been revising for exams. Today is officially 3 whole weeks vegan and I LOVE IT! I think is going to continue longer than just 4 weeks.

The pro’s
-I’m eating healthy, alive food
-I feel alive
-My energy is high
-My skin is softer
-I have learnt to cook new things
-I’m not abusing animals
-I’ve lost 7lbs (3kg)

The con’s
– I still get IBS pain

The only con is that I still get IBS pain but i’ve noticed that it’s after I’ve eaten foods with a high gluten content, like the pizza base I made. From now on I am going to see if I can eat little to no gluten. Shopping is also a little more expensive. I used to spend £20 but i’m spending more £25 now but £5 to be healthy and feel amazing and not to mention save the planet and the animals is a small price to pay.

I’ll leave my yummy vegan recipes below but you can also check out my instagram @shaunahayward for daily updates!

Shauna x


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