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My favourite salt and pepper chips

The inspiration from these no oil, salt and pepper chips came from a chinese take-away up the road from me. However, since going vegan and understanding health more, I wanted to be able to recreate the recipe without all the oil normally used. These have since become “my  go-to dinner” as they are so cheap,…… Continue reading My favourite salt and pepper chips

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Hi people of the Internet! I have been falling behind posting all the recipes I’ve discovered lately. I find a good recipes constantly. Especially as I have my first vegan cookbook to flick through! (Thanks girls!) I posted this soup on Instagram a while ago and it got a few likes so I’m going to…… Continue reading VEGAN LENTIL AND VEGGIE SOUP RECIPE



So, being a vegan girl now, sometimes you just need chocolate! So, I came up with a vegan and budget friendly recipe. WARNING: It’s pretty yummy and you may want to smear it all over your body! Ingredients -1 x block/350g of silken firm tofu (£1.24) -1 x ripe avocado (£1) -4 tablespoons of maple…… Continue reading VEGAN AVOCADO CHOCOLATE PUDDING RECIPE